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Peacock Story!


Peacock feathers are my most favorite of color creations! The vibrant beauty is amazing… the texture is so delicate yet holds a strength of color. Why am I writing about peacock feathers? well, a very long time ago, I started doing stained glass and did my own renderings ( patterns ).

I did a beautiful peacock after many hours of tracing and laying out the piece.

One day while using a window treatment program, I came across another program that could actually print a pattern out, to scale. This makes the term “custom patterns” have a new meaning!  I’m in the process of creating videos for the workroom to take Studio to the next level.

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Color Play

website colors

just a quick thing I did for myself when trying to build this new website…
these are a few of my favorite colors! I’m surprised there’s a gold in there, personally not fond of the yellow family 🙂